Putting Your Best Face Forward

Spring 2014

Having applied for numerous caretaker and couple’s jobs over the last few years, we have improved and fine-tuned the information packet we send out about ourselves to the point we now get interviews on a regular basis. In fact, this spring, we made the final cut on 3-4 positions and the only reason we did not take one was because the hiring party wanted us there yesterday. We just needed more time to get our home ready to sell or rent.

If you follow job sites like Workingcouples.com and Caretaker.org seeking a couple’s position, you know the offerings are all different and request different information. To simplify the application process for us, we created a nicely done, 3-page, “introductory” document on ourselves. It includes some embedded photos, a brief intro on us, highlights of our careers as it relates to this lifestyle, and a list of core values and core competences. All done in an easy-to-email PDF format. This document seems to open more doors for us compared to when we did not have it.

When we apply for a position (most are done via email), we include this PDF, as well as our standard work history résumés, and a very targeted email opening letter addressing specific items in the job posting and how we believe we are the right couple for the position. It is all very professional and we proof it several times before sending as we don’t want any spelling or grammar errors.

We’re marketing people from way back so we look at the application process as just another marketing project trying to sell a product – US. It seems to work. Maybe it can for you, too.

Like we were always taught since childhood … if you are going to do something, do it right the first time. You only get one chance to make a good, strong, first impression. If you really want to find the right couple’s position, do your homework and research and put your best face forward.

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