Too Big, Too Cold

The winter of 2013-14 was very cold in Blue Ridge, GA as it was around much of the U.S. It was too cold for my liking. We had 4-5 good snowfalls and a couple that kept us in the cabin for a few days as our road in is fairly steep so we planned ahead for food and such so as not to have to get out among the crazies. Just don’t need the hassles.  But I must say … the snowfalls up here are beautiful. Especially with our view out across the adjoining mountains.

It was this winter that Sharon and I came to theSnowfall in Blue Ridge GA 2014 unanimous decision that this cabin lodge home was just WAY too big for the two of us. So no matter whether we get a caretaker couple’s position soon or months or years from now, we are going to get it ready to go on the market to sell. Time to downsize (again) and stay downsized. Promise: Never again will we own more than we need in housing/home.

New Motto: OWN LESS! The more you own, the more YOU are owned.  

Ergo, we pulled out our project list, reviewed, and added items and got busy getting it “Show Ready” to sell. You know the drill … painting, fixing items that had been put off, fine-tuning and tweaking everything so you make the best first impression possible. Good for us, we had been doing fix-er-upper projects since we moved in September 2012. So at this time, our list was not overwhelming and could be accomplished in a few months of dedicated weekend hours.

For most of spring 2014, we were the handy-man and-woman couple. We’ve been there, done that many times in the past. And we’re good at it. Slowly, but surely, we got it done. She’s ready for “Prime Time.”

1 thought on “Too Big, Too Cold

  1. Becky Rucker

    That’s for sure Richard & Sharon! Thanks for inviting us to stop by & see your beautiful cabin in the mountains! Loved seeing what all you’ve done to improve it even more, the views are amazing but like you I am not crazy about extended cold weather!


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