Welcome to Silk Cotton Villa

Monday, 21 July 2014

Our flight departed on time from Atlanta and arrived on time in St. Thomas. Uneventful – the way we like ’em. And waiting in the lobby were the owners (Scott & Carol) of Silk Cotton Villa and they recognized us right away from images we had sent them and from Facebook postings. Next we headed over to baggage claim and grabbed our luggage – it arrived safely, too. That’s always a good start to a trip.

Right away, Scott starts training us by explaining this is where you meet the arriving guests, showed us where the rental car agencies are located and explained the importance of getting whomever rented the vehicle to go ahead and get the vehicle because sometimes they run out … oops, that would suck.  Once we grabbed our luggage we headed out to the parking lot and they showed us where and how to explain the escort service to the guests so they can follow us back to the villa. The escort is a valuable service, especially for Americans, since in the Virgin Islands, they drive on the left side of the roads. Freaks most folks out.

Once we arrived at the villa it was getting to be late afternoon. They assisted us in getting our luggage down to the caretaker’s studio apartment and said once we got settled in to come on up to the villa for our little “Welcoming.”

Shortly, we headed up to the main villa and they had some light snacks for us and adult beverages. We sat around and chatted for awhile and then they gave us a tour of all the bedrooms and guest areas. It’s big. 7600 SF big. And everything, including the view, is even better than on the website.

After snacks and the tour, they invited us to have diner with them a few hours later. We went down to our apartment to freshen up and rest a bit. At the appointed time, we arrived for dinner and we had a very nice meal out on the patio next to the beautiful pool. We talked more and generally got to know each other a little more. Before we knew it, 10 pm had rolled around and we were pooped – time to get some shut eye.

Tomorrow we go do a little shopping and get acquainted with the area.

PS: Below are a few images of the caretaker studio apartment. About 500-600 SF.

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1 thought on “Welcome to Silk Cotton Villa

  1. Gloria Barker

    Looks like you will be living in “high cotton”, as they used to say in the country. Great start for you!


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