Almost Time To Go

The last few weekends have been rather busy with visiting friends saying good-bye and packing up personal items we aren’t purging. About all that is remaining to pack and get into the office storage area are some kitchen items.  As far as food goes, we’ve been trying to eat up what’s in the freezer and pantry the last month or so. Whatever is left goes to neighbor Mark.

Speaking of Mark (who is taking over the Getaway Valet business), he and I have a few Getaway Valet jobs to do on Thursday and after that, it’s all his. I know you will do well with the business Mark.

This week is more good-bye dinners with friends and tidying up loose ends around the home. Still have to pack the suitcases we’re taking to St. Thomas but we can get that done this Saturday. Also packing up a few Priority Mail boxes we will ship down to the Villa before we depart containing items we can’t take in our suitcases. It’s not much – just items we don’t want to have to buy once we arrive.

Countdown: A little less than 6 days.

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